William Kuskin on the medieval/early modern divide

| September 17, 2010

Literary history is a mode of production. Its processes appear natural, the settling of literary accounts according to a yearly plan. So conceived, its productive force is masked by the appeal of chronology as an obvious measure of temporality how to siri. But make no mistake, literary history is productive not descriptive: it parses the […]

Julian Yates on Actor Network Theory and the question of matter

| September 16, 2010

I have been having a lovely time reading your posts-cum-mini-intellectual-autobiographies. These are great introductions to your work, Katherine, Henry, David, Andrew—and a challenging set of questions for early modernists, Teresa Download wordpress backup! I am also particularly taken with the formalist / historicist thread to the discussion (Andrew, Henry, and David’s posts most immediately) herunterladen. […]