Richelle Munkhoff on the searchers of the dead

| September 22, 2010

azon My current book project, “Searchers of the Dead: Women Reading the Corpse in England, c1550-1850,” examines the practice of hiring women on parish poor relief to determine cause of death, reports that were collected and published as the bills of mortality bild bearbeiten kostenlos herunterladen. The searchers’ duties began during the plague epidemics of […]

Katherine Eggert on alchemy and knowledge management

| September 7, 2010

audiodatei von youtube herunterladen I am currently writing a book with the working title Unnatural Magic: Alchemy and Disknowledge in Renaissance England. I began Unnatural Magic because I was puzzled by Renaissance England’s illogical embrace of an endeavor that everyone knew didn’t work hidrive app downloaden. By the end of the sixteenth century, few leading […]