The Renaissance is now (from Katherine Eggert)

| September 28, 2010

Download postbank online banking The title of this post comes from a Toronto taxicab. I attended the 2006 conference on “Spenser’s Civilizations” at the University of Toronto; as it happens, Toronto was also hosting the American Psychiatric Association conference, with its thirty thousand attendees, that same weekend.  Thunderstorms delayed my and everyone else’s planes upon […]

Richelle Munkhoff on the searchers of the dead

| September 22, 2010

azon My current book project, “Searchers of the Dead: Women Reading the Corpse in England, c1550-1850,” examines the practice of hiring women on parish poor relief to determine cause of death, reports that were collected and published as the bills of mortality bild bearbeiten kostenlos herunterladen. The searchers’ duties began during the plague epidemics of […]